Grand mother's secrets and gardens on Garda lake

Where: Garda (Veneto)

Who: B&B Baldo Garda


 An association of 25 homes started by a woman to preserve historical memory

Rare herbs, embroidered sheets, sports in the hills, but also laws and training: the story of an association told by the founder, with news and useful tips. A network, the Baldo Garda Hospitality, of twenty-five houses on the lake and in the countryside. The latest news is a refresher course for hospitality activities, which was immediately successful and is held in Verona. The purpose of helping activities.

Maria Teresa Gilardi, the owner of one of the b&b, is a well-known name in the villages around Baldo Garda: not only she was mayor, but now she is one of the organizers of the Hospitality Association Baldo Garda. Her 360-degree view and the history of this group can be useful to many. Here it is point by point. How were you born? Many have long been trying to enhance our territory. Combining the idea of architectural heritage with the desire of many housewives to work, it was thought to develop a network of b+b. We had meetings to motivate people and attract tourists, we organized security training at ASL and studied the laws on b+b, then came the statute, the board, deadlines, renewals, setup, voting, all about our strengths. It was important to form a network to improve the service. Now we think about cooking classes, recipes, heritage recovery, tools of the past.

What laws? In Veneto, the law on tourism is in gestation. It was made with few constraints to make women work, give help to gender. For our small needs, we hoped for a law that would allow us, for example, to make cakes for breakfast. However, for now, the law has not been made and we fear that there will be an escalation towards children. In fact, the hotel industry is opposed to an extra hotel, asking for controls and a thousand constraints. What ideas for women? The recovery of the knowledge of grandmothers, the idea of the house as a welcome to the old, as historical memory. For example, some women embroider and we could all use embroidered sheets, some collect recipes that are now unknown. Care and knowledge become an opportunity for integrative income. The extra idea? An environmental itinerary from one garden to another, from the Botanical Garden of Navezza to the mini-gardens of the houses.

Info: In the hinterland of Lake Garda, the environment is intact, there are preserved villages, such as Caprino Veronese, you go horseback in the meadows or by bike on equipped routes, between lakes and mountain. But the rare jewel that attracts dozens of botanists is the "Giardino dei Semplici", or Garden of the Plants of the Gardens of Europe, as Calzolari had called it 500 years ago, the first to count Monte Baldo plants as millefoglie and digital. The idea of the Garden of the simple, herbs in the kitchen and in the garden, is one of the attractions of the association. In fact, everyone has a vegetable garden and a small collection of rare herbs organizes and suggests courses and courses, cuisine and culture. The houses are neat and all with an imprint of simple elegance, some in the villages and others in the countryside. Prices: from 25 to 35 euro per person with breakfast.

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