Talk to the world is a matter of women. Here experts teach what to consider before writing a brochure, how to be short and to the point, when it is useful to have a website, how to organise an event, what to do to create affection and being followed in the future.

All you have to know about your paper brochure. Send to us by Francesca Pompa, founder of and great communication expert. A very useful and complete guide, from the basic idea to the style you want to communicate, to the corporate, to cheap ways to design and print.

Can a brochure be bettere than a site? What do we really need? Shall we be able to manage a site? We have asked it to Q.E.D., international firm working since 30 years in web marketing and communciation. The answer: consider your time, audience, budget, alternative social medias.

How to enhance your firm, an idea, an activity, to launch the event taht will make your name? First of all, get together with other protagonists, then making up small events, than communicating it. All explained here by the expert Gioia Milani, owner of Le Bonatte

Go eco and web-plan an eco-friendly trip, where you can have a more meaningful travel experience by incorporating green travel ideas wherever possible, including non-profits, in most major cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

This could be the description of  Tripsketch, as the Ceo Lalitha Swart- an experienced travel, high tech executive and founder of TripSketch, a trip planning website with a green travel bias- told us.
Here some hints from TripSketch website and finally some Lalitha's useful suggestions to whom is starting.

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