It is not easy to look with a critical eye to its own dreams. Experts of marketing suggest how to deal with reality, what to read, the concept of quality, the latest in the art of making a tourism destination.

What does it mean tourism marketing? We asked one of the main Italian experts, Fabio Sacco of Antipodi. Who suggests never to miscalculate the economical convenience for the Communities on the long run.

We can learn the first notions on school texts, but to go deeper, the manual published are a jungle. Here Fabio Sacco, who just wrote the book "Turismi Responsabili", suggests the most useful destination marketing guides. Ecco i consigli di Fabio Sacco, consulente specializzato nel marketing del turismo responsabile, fondatore di Antipodi (, e collaboratore dell'Università di Trento.

Among the many organisations born to help women's entreprises, keep an eye on the Impresa donna appointments. As part of the Chambers of Commerce body, it helps starting ladies to marketing with group meetings.

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