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Sometimes an idea is enough, from school times, looking at the needs of your territory, by knowing your capacities. In this section we have a list of italian experiences. 
The experts explain the psicology and the practicalities to open up an enterprise. Women who made it tell how, from bed and breakfast to country lodge, from a coop with friends to a tour guides agency, to the trekking expert. Plus, how chamber of commerce, banks, consultants can help.

Then check what they teach and suggest in the “women-work-help-desks” in your town or Country. We interviewed the operator of  “Spazio Rosa” (Pink Space), at the Gender Policies Authority of Equal Opportunities Department, in Milano, Italy.

The Lega Coop Bund Alto Adige, a northern Italy coop group, recently published a study on women's enterprises. We asked Elena Covi, in charge of external communication, what she is suggesting to women willing to start up in responsible tourism. The cooperative advantages are:they are a system based on democracy, self-help, network's support.

The last news in the great bussiness of tourism, among insiders, is the "trip stylist and designer". That is, those professionals that tailor an itinerary up, from city shopping to diving among killerwhales. After all, there is no need to go that far: ever since, responsible tour operators design fantastic travels with thematic map and deep into real life stayovers, for the most curious travelers, making something usefull for the local. M. Teresa Vecchiattini is just back from Senegal where she checked a trip forViaggi Solidali and she explaines from A to Z how her job works, between market and ethics.

A fascinating job, narrated by one who made it. Barbara Muller is living happily over Tuscany hills, and as a job she walks people aroud. If trekking is your passion, have a look at her website. Or become a guide like her.

Maria Grazia Canozzi is the president of a coop, aiming to enhancing Lunigiana's area values. This is an experince to copy. Possibly following her advice: dont' get depressed in front of burocracy tricks, ask the Chamber of Commerce help, bet on simple local products.

How Amelia Ferragnoli invented social activities from her vegetable-fruit production firm.

What to know to start up? We made an enquiry among experts, help desks, work consultants websites, and we extrapolated some basic rules and addresses, about business plans, mission, budget etc. From Ocse Report to laws, things are not easy for women, but also many tools are made to help, in local Institutions, cooperatives and foundations. Of course here we are considering Italy, but the same you will find in your Country.

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