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Then check what they teach and suggest in the “women-work-help-desks” in your town or Country. We interviewed the operator of  “Spazio Rosa” (Pink Space), at the Gender Policies Authority of Equal Opportunities Department, in Milano, Italy.

Here in short what they say and do. 
What do they do and what are their instructions?
They help with Curriculaletters of recommendation, they look for the best research channels, they train for interviews.
In fact, statistics say people usually look up in news papers and employment agencies, but it is more useful to search in large networkd like Linkedin or Viadeo. And even better, if you are not in a hurry, it is to look for  your ideal employer in business phone guides or Chamber of Commerce lists, and then to send your letter and C.V. 
It is also important not just to send a CV and wait, but to call and visit more than once.
And it is also true that women are shy, so speak up and rehearce.  

What is their best credit?
To create qualification and awareness in women, too often not keen or ready for the match.

Women have work-family conciliement needs. Often problems of age, pregnancy or maternity leaves arise. Don’t’ be shy and uncomplaining, but stand up and know your skills and duties.

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