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A shop, a restaurant, an handcraft boot, a tent in the bush: anyway, to start the wrigth way, you must know how to get organised with a sustainable approach and a strong spirit. Experts and women who have a bed and breakfast, a cooperative hotel, a farmerhouse, an enterprise, explain how they got started, who can help, how to use the web.0, where to look for financial support.

Guilia Carosella and Rita Apollonio wrote a book about b+b managing and are the owners of the b+b chain agency Friendly Home. Their suggestions: the first resource is your territory, you must get people to know the genuine features, maybe in front of a good cup of coffe, to transform a client in an affectionate guest.

From the farmers association Coldiretti website Terranostra, we list the activities suggested, according to women's best peculiarities, from didactic farms, to nursery farms, to cooking classes, to nature trekking.  Coldiretti contiene l’associazione per l’agriturismo Terranostra.

What is a "Diffused hotel"? How to get together with your neighbours, and make a network of services in your town? In Italy a new kind of tourism made by locals is revitalising old villages, with several associations everywhere. Here we list the most important one guide lines, and interview the founder of

A marketing lesson in Tuscany. Welcome in the farm stay, the streets of wine. How to promote them? What is the tourist expecting? What is the client expecting? The experience of a entrepreneur woman of the farms association. 

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