An example of CSR

The CSR reporting system is ground-breaking in the travel and tourism industry: in cooperation with the Center for Ecology and Development (KATE e.V.), forum anders reisen has developed and introduced a standardised and compulsory CSR process for its members. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and refers to the contribution of businesses to a sustainable development. By means of this CSR process all business units are being audited for their level of sustainability ranging from the paper consumption in the office to the accommodation at the destinations. Hence, for the first time it is now possible to audit and measure the sustainability of individual tourism businesses.The CSR reportstruthfully provide information about the tour operators’ strengths and weaknesses and thus assist in the continuous improvement of a company’s performance regarding sustainability. They are being audited by an independent certification council. If a tour operator achieves all required benchmarks, the CSR certification is being issued.  In the Kriterienkatalog all the explanation that can be usefull to all.

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