It is fully aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) and impending global accreditation. The STEP Sustainability Management Framework is an online educational tool and practical resource for organizations who wish to self-assess their sustainability efforts and establish benchmarks. STI also provides STEP applicants with a Planning & Reporting Guidebook, policy templates and support services to help prepare for certification.

They kindly sent us a complete document: we list below the main points, and we copy the entire text (in bold) of parts concerning this website.

1.1.1 Business Plan

1.2.1 Sustainability Policy, Benchmarks, and Transparency

2.1.1 Protecting the Area

2.1.4 Client Education Regarding Sustainability

2.2.1 Use of Feedback

3.1.3 Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation

3.3.1 Fair Labor Practices

o (a) Required. Criteria:    The company has a fair labor policy, conforms to local

labor laws and meets or exceeds minimum wages for all salaried employees.

 Objective:  To ensure non-exploitive labor practices.

 Evaluation Guidelines:

 i) a Fair Labor Policy that states at a minimum "The name of

company does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion,

pregnancy, health status or political affiliation and the company

does not permit employment or contracting of the services of

minors under the age of 14.”

 ii) an affidavit, signed by the president, GM or CEO that attests

to meeting the requirements of this criteria© 2002-2011   Sustainable Travel International

3.4.1 Green Team

4.1.1 Regulatory Compliance

4.2.1 Recycling/Reuse

4.3.1 Chemical Management System

4.4.1 Water Consumption and Management

5.1.1 Supply Chain Management - Policies

5.1.3 Supply Chain Management – Paper

6.1.1 Energy Reduction Plan

6.1.6 Pollution Prevention – Vehicles

7.1.13 Philanthropy – Environment

8.2.4 Economic Development

o (a) Required. Criteria:    The company’s clients are encouraged to buy locally

produced products and services and/or visit locally owned businesses.

 Objective:  To support the local economy and offset loss of local

revenues through importing.

 Evaluation Guidelines:

 i) a local community and economic development pledge

8.2.8 Basic Provisions

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